Lapua Monarch Cup

We and Lapua have decided to formalize the concept with the following effort. Please join us in making this new shooting cup a success.

– Each club per country will set up major match rules and will submit the proper match invitation to the public with the previous approval of host club authority.

– Major match prizes distribution, is going to be the responsibility of the host club.

– Each country, must submit their major championship invitation no later than 6 months previous to the match date, including the two previous bullet points. Making sure that key information is being included such as range location and a basic map with contact information for KEY personnel managing the match.

– LMC annual conference will take place 1Q of each year starting 2020.

– LMC board has appointed Garin Hatch as the LMC website master. (

– LMC board is in process to define and set the LMC regulations. They will be posted soon